Cold case season 3

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Cold case season 3

The third season of Cold Casean American television seriesbegan airing on September 25,and concluded on May 21, From episode 8 onwards, Tracie Thoms joins the main cast as Det. Kat Miller. The team reopens the murder of Jimmy Tate, an year-old high school student and young father who was killed in a hit-and-run accident on graduation night, after his daughter is contacted by a man claiming to be her biological father.

The team reopens the murder of Laurie Dunne, an year-old college student who died of suffocation in a fraternity house fire after her widowed father presents evidence suggesting her death was not accidental.

The team discovers that the young woman was targeted by fraternity members due to her weight. The team reopens the murder of Angus Bistrong, a year-old college student who was stabbed to death and his body left in front of a movie theater after his mother finds a letter suggesting that his death wasn't random.

The team discovers that many of his friends blamed him for a car accident that left their other friend wheelchair-bound. When it is discovered that a recently deceased elderly woman had been using someone else's identity for decades, the team reopens the death of Bettie Petrowski, a housewife who was committed to a mental institution after nearly burning her son in a house fire.

When her son identifies her body among other Jane Doe cases, the team discovers she was lobotomized before being left for dead in a snowstorm. After Maeve Bubley, a mother of five boys loses her fourth son to gang violence, the team reopens the murder of her first son, Vaughn, one of Rush's first cases as a homicide detective, along with the murders of her three other sons: Cedric inQuincy inand the most recent, Luther in The team is determined to track down the killer of the mother's first four sons in order to save her last remaining one, Patrick.

The team reinvestigates the death of Amy Lind, a young, healthy woman who seemingly died of a heart attack, after a death threat addressed to her is found on the hard drive of an old computer. The team discovers that the victim was briefly a millionaire during the dot-com boombut her company went under due to her partner's indulgent behavior and an investor's unscrupulous practices.

The team reopens the murder of Carl Burton, a year-old veteran of the Vietnam War who was shot to death a year after he came home from the notorious Hanoi Hiltonafter a box filled with POW support bracelets is found in an abandoned drug den.

The team soon learns dark secrets about his return and discovers that his murder may have been an act of revenge. The team reopens the disappearance of Vivian Mulvaney, a 4-year-old girl after her remains wash up on a New Jersey shore. The team discovers that she came from an abusive household, and their investigation uncovers the domestic violence that took place in her home.

The team re-opens the murder of Frank DiCenzio, a year-old widowed deli owner, when the brother of the man convicted of the murder brings forth new evidence suggesting that his brother may be innocent.

cold case season 3

The team discovers that the victim had a rocky personal life following the death of his wife. The team reopens the murder of Clem Garris after receiving an anonymous tip related to his murder. The top suspects include three of the victim's old friends who had parted ways after graduating from high school eight years before his death. The team reopens the death of Trevor Dawson, a year-old boy who was an outcast in school who fell to his death from the roof of his school after serving detention on the same day.

The death was originally ruled a suicide, but a newly-found piece of his suicide note indicates that he may have been fearing for his life prior to this death.

The team reopens the death of Emma Vine, an year-old girl who died the night of her debutante ball. The death was originally ruled accidental, but the victim's mother comes forward with new evidence after the wife of the man who had escorted the victim to the ball dies in an identical fashion.

The team reopens the murder of Roween Ryan, a year-old bank teller who was killed during a robbery, after the same bank is robbed again by perpetrators wearing identical masks and equipped with identical weapons.TV Schedule. Sign In. Cold Case — S3, Ep1. Error: please try again.

After a teenage girl who was dumped in the garbage by her parents 17 years earlier is approached by a man claiming to be her father, the team re-investigates the hit and run death of her father, Jimmy in S3, Ep2. Lilly reopens the case of an overweight film student who was subjected to a cruel 'Hog Scale prank' at a fraternity party, after which she mysteriously died in a fire.

S3, Ep3. Lilly reopens the case of Angus, a young boy who was killed soon after a car accident that paralyzed his friend around the time the slasher film Halloween was released.

S3, Ep4. The case of a baseball player beaten to death with his own bat is reopened, and it's discovered that he had many enemies, and that his white girlfriend sparked even more racism and prejudice towards him. S3, Ep5. A former mental patient named Betty Petrowski dies. The woman's only child, her son Otis, is called to identify the body and finds it is not the body of his mother. Rush and her colleagues begin the search for Otis' real mother.

S3, Ep6. Brothers are being killed one by one as they grow to their teens. Flashbacks show how the family enjoyed Thanksgiving together until the killings started and the mother got addicted to drugs. S3, Ep7. In the nineties, business school graduates Scott and Amy start up a computer health care business called Lionstaff, but Amy dies of a heart attack soon after and Lilly reopens the case.

Cold Case - Season 3

S3, Ep8. The team investigates the murder of a former POW who was killed days after coming home from the Vietnam War. S3, Ep9. The remains of a small girl are found under a bridge.

The story goes back to the 60's and turns out the girl has a twin sister still alive. A sad family story begins to unravel. S3, Ep The friendly owner of a local grocery store is murdered and Lilly reopens his case, finding that Frank was having issues with his rebellious son, his son's trashy friend Stump and his employee, Ricardo. A young man's case is reopened after his murder went unsolved.

The team look at his three friends to see if any of them had the motive for the shooting.

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A grunge high school boy supposedly kills himself in and Lilly reopens his case, learning of the dark secrets he was keeping with three other outcast students during their detention together.

They also discover that the girl's mother was very traditional and expected her daughter to follow order. The unsolved case of a quiet and shy girl who dated a bank robber is reopened by the team after a similar crime occurs at the same bank.

The Cold Case team investigates the case of a woman who was disemboweled violently by an unknown killer - a woman Scotty knew from his undercover years.Genres: Crime Dramas Dramas. A female homicide detective tackles unsolved crimes.

Play S3 E1. Season 3. Rush and Valens unravel the mystery of a girl's parentage. The Promise. Lilly investigates a student who died in a frat house.

Bad Night. A letter suggests that a young son's death was not random. Lilly and Jeffries probe the murder of a ballplayer. A woman steals the identity of mental hospital patient. Saving Patrick Bubley. Lilly must convict gang leader Miguel Maldonado. The death of a woman whose dot-com company crashed. The shooting of a Vietnam POW is re-examined. A Perfect Day. Evidence in the death of a child washes ashore. Frank's Best. Danny probes the killing of a deli owner. High-school friends come in for questioning.

Lilly and the team reopen the case of a teen suicide. A mother claims to know who might have killed her daughter. Dog Day Afternoons. Lilly and the team solve a bank teller's murder. A case involving a drug mule is reopened. One Night. Lilly uses her skills to solve a killer's demented puzzle. Lilly reopens the murder of a tennis player. Lilly and Jeffries investigate a cabaret singer's shooting.

Beautiful Little Fool. A woman learns that an ancestor's murder is unsolved. Death Penalty: Final Appeal. A man arrested in begs the team to re-examine his case.

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The Hen House. A case involves an ambitious reporter. The River. A shooting case reopens when a witness comes forward. Lilly feels drawn to a victim when she reopens a case. Details A female homicide detective tackles unsolved crimes.Police run down more than 11, leads before coming up with a suspect in the murders of three Virginia girls; and the abduction and strangulation of a California woman continues to baffle investigators more than 11 years after the crime.

cold case season 3

Cops finally close in on a serial killer with the help of the Internet. A quarter of a century after the murders of two nurses, Canadian police suspect that a former Toronto cop committed the crimes. A blow to the head of a garbage collector in San Jose leaves strange markings. In the s, a serial killer prowled the posh streets of Orange County. Then, an elderly woman is found murdered in her bed and the only evidence is a single strand of hair. A mother is suspected in the murders of two of her daughters, when her third daughter finally convinces police to reopen two cold cases.

Then, DNA testing helps lead police in Florida to a suspected killer, however the killer has an identical twin. Then Dennis is convicted of murdering his wife, while in Main. And year-old papergirl Penny Parker goes missing, then her body is found by a search volunteer. InNavy seamen Sonny Grotton left base for a long weekend at home. But as he pulled into his driveway, a gunman killed him. And informer state trooper Doug Wright claimed his estranged wife shot and killed herself in their home.

A detective works for 15 years to nab a man who murdered his wife and dismembered her body to hide the sexual abuse of his children. Then, 20 years after the shooting murder of a gas station attendant, detectives get a lead.

Cold Case discusses the story of the nearly year hunt for the man responsible for the murders of 49 prostitutes and other women in the Seattle, Washington area. Police must wait nearly 30 years before advances in DNA technology give them the chance to convict the killer of a young hitchhiker, and Philadelphia police wage a year hunt for the man who raped and killed a year-old girl.

Detectives from three different departments in Westchester County, NY team up to track down a serial killer; and a man known as the Bus Stop Rapist becomes the lead suspect decades after a woman is found murdered under a hotel bed in the case. Police crack a cold case of murder when a mysterious woman calls to say that her boyfriend is the killer; and the murder of a woman in provides clues to the murder of actress Myra Davis, a stand-in for Janet Leigh in the movie Psycho.

Testimony about the growth of larvae in dead bodies helps convict the man who stabbed a couple to death and strangled their 4-year-old daughter in And the murder of a young girl, whose head was cut off, remains unsolved.

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After 23 years, investigators finally track down the killers of an Atlanta policeman when the ex-wife of one of the killers phones in a tip; and a mother keeps the skeletal remains of the 3-year-old daughter she killed in a footlocker. A prostitute who fights off a screwdriver-wielding man helps police track down a serial killer; and undercover agents acting as mobsters conduct an elaborate sting to solve a murder case that had gone cold for years.

Then, detectives from three different police departments in Westchester County, New York team up to track down a serial killer. A woman, who takes down the license plate number of a car following, helps investigators solve the murder of another woman; and a call from a mother accusing a man of molestation gives police a lead from a year-old murder of an Atlanta policeman.

The testimony of three prison inmates helps convict a man who viciously killed a woman out for a bike ride nearly two decades prior; and a self-admitted sex addict who strangled his cat is a suspect in the year-old murder of a neighbor. DNA technology that take place over 20 years help police to finally identify the man who brutally stabbed two women to death; and an anonymous caller leads police to the killer of a year-old girl who was shot dead and left in the woods.The team re-opens the case of a murdered amateur actor when the owner of a local community theater finds a gun hidden inside prop furniture.

Episode List

Cold Case - Season 3. Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. Episode Guide Printable. Joseph Episode During the probe, Lilly feels a strange connection to the victim, and her personal attachment may end up jeopardizing the case.

The River Episode When a new witness steps forward, Lilly and the team are prompted to re-open the shooting of a respected and beloved ER doctor who had a secret he had been hiding from his family.

Death Penalty Episode The Hen House Episode The case of a murdered newspaper reporter is reopened when new evidence suggests that the woman was thrown in front of a passing train by someone she knew.

Death Penalty: Final Appeal Episode The case of a raped and murdered year-old girl is re-opened when Det. Jeffries gets a call from a prisoner on death-row -- scheduled to be executed in just three days.

cold case season 3

Beautiful Little Fool Episode Lilly re-opens the case of a woman found dead in a ravine on Christmas Day when the victim's great-granddaughter comes in asking for help. Meanwhile, Lilly's estranged mother shows up, hoping to re-connect with her daughter. Willkommen Episode Superstar Episode When a poison-soaked towel turns up at the station, Lilly re-opens the case of a murdered female college tennis star. One Night Episode Lilly and the cold case team will have to decode the clues given by a twisted killer in order to save the life of a young boy who has been left to die alone.

Sanctuary Episode The case of a female drug smuggler is re-opened. The woman was involved with Scotty at the time he was working undercover on a high-profile drug case, and he has been keeping it a secret from the team for all these years. Dog Day Afternoons Episode The case of a female bank teller shot to death in her work in is reopened when the same bank is robbed again by perpetrators wearing identical masks and equipped with identical weapons as six years earlier.

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